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Experienced Local Private Investigators

We love this city just as much as you do. Growing up in Pittsburgh, we are Steel City made people at heart, just like you, and we care about giving back to a great community that has given so much to us. At Empire Investigations, we’ve been the local media’s go to source in exposing many of the stories that have shocked and stunned our communities over the last 35 years.

Our experienced investigators obtain the sensitive information you need. Empire Investigation and their affiliates have worked on over 10,000 assignments in over 20 countries providing high quality, sophisticated, responsive and discreet risk consulting and intelligence services. Under the direction of founder and CEO Robert Kresson, specialized teams are assembled to achieve the objectives of each client outlined by their needs. Our investigators have backgrounds with local and federal law enforcement agencies, computer technology, military and forensic behavioral health. Due to the sensitive and highly confidential nature our work, our investigators are not individually identified, however, their credentials are available upon request.

Since 1982, we have been providing peace of mind for our clients all over the world. Haven’t you waited long enough to get yours?