We live in the information age and the bulk of that information is in digital form spread across various systems and devices. Computer forensics is the science of uncovering digital information related to a case, whether that information is generally available, hidden or secret.

Every person who uses a computer or smart device leaves a digital fingerprint. A computer forensics expert can put together bits and pieces of electronic information to build a digital profile of the target party. A skilled digital forensics investigator can often recover deleted files, images and conversations and provide clients with information that is essential to their case. A private detective will often work closely with a forensics expert to help build a profile of the suspect or target.

A computer forensics expert can also help you protect your information against hackers, spies and data intruders. Today it is more important than ever to protect your personal information and corporate data against electronic and digital hackers. Electronic and digital security breaches occur daily and your systems may well be vulnerable to attack and extortion.

A computer forensic expert is trained in various aspects of digital information including encryption, passwords, pings, recovery, backups, restoration, SSL, code injections, email tracing, social media surveillance and more. A computer forensic can help find the information and can help protect your information from prying eyes.

The detectives at Empire Investigations work closely with forensic experts to help find the information their clients need to help protect their client’s data and information against unauthorized access or theft. Whether you need to find information or to protect information, a computer forensic expert from Empire Investigation can help.


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